DE 1 DE JUNHO DE 2020 A 30 DE JUNHO DE 2020

Organizadores: ArtCluster


From June 1st to August 16th Send your Tango video and take part in the first Stage Tango Virtual Competition of history. See bases and condition on our Facebook page. This content clears distances, supports the development of tango dancers, providing them a space where they can exhibit their work regardless of where they are in the world, since through this content and its format they will not only be objectively evaluated by juries, trained, backed by their work and track record, but they will also obtain and economic return that will allow them in the short or long term to continue training and access tools to improve or perhaps only motivate themselves to become more responsable artist. Currently globalization has taken us to a point where for many of us it is difficult to participate in physical contests, or to know if we are ready for them, where we can be able to advance and improve constantly. This contest will be one more option in the world of stage Tango and thus we are generating a worldwide exhibition platform where we are all for one and one for all.


Ciudad de México