22 AĞUSTOS 2019 - 25 AĞUSTOS 2019

Organizatörler: Virginia Pandolfi


Some of the best tango teachers in the world, share their secrets and best technical exercises with you, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. With a total of 16 classes, without a doubt, you will have the opportunity to take your tango to the highest level !. You will also enjoy numerous exhibitions that will be held by the festival's teachers and their classmates, who make up the dance couples of the highest current level. The program also includes 4 nights in different milongas of the city, with the best music and dj 's of the moment. Since the first edition of the festival, the staff of teachers has been unparalleled, so in this nineth consecutive year, eight teachers met once again, to provide, from woman to woman, our knowledge and love of tango.

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires