What is the Hoy Milonga website and iPhone app?

The Hoy Milonga website contains the information of the most important milongas and practicas in Buenos Aires for the next seven days, to help you decide where to go dancing. The iPhone app has the same information as the website but shown in a convenient iPhone app and takes advantage of the GPS capability of the iPhone.

For each milonga or practica it shows:
  • • Name of the milonga
  • • Name and address of the salon, club, or venue where it takes place
  • • Business hours
  • • Advice on reservation and reservation phone numbers
  • • Whether there is a class before the milonga, class times, and in some cases the teachers
  • • Whether there is an important special event scheduled for that evening, like a demo by well-known dancers, or a live orchestra playing
  • • The organizer’s name and contact information, when available (website, facebook page, email, and phone number)
  • • Transportation information to get there, like bus numbers (colectivos) and/or or the closet subway (subte) station
  • • A Map with the milonga or practica location.

The iPhone app has the same information as the website but shown in a convenient iPhone app and takes advantage of the GPS capability of the iPhone.

How often is your information updated?

The information in our database is updated regularly. We check the websites and blogs of the milongas, printed publications and other data sources looking for fresh information to update our database. We even call the organizers to verify our information. But most importantly we and our friends go dancing regularly and so we are well connected with the tango community. We hear about new milongas and other events before most people and we update our database accordingly. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data.

Does it has a list of classes and teachers in Buenos Aires?

No. Only if the class is scheduled right before the milonga it will be shown. If we have enough requests for this information we will include it in future versions.

Can I search milongas by place, neighborhoods, etc?

No. There is no search functionality. We wanted to keep it simple.

Do I need cellular data service (3G, 4G, LTE, etc) access in Buenos Aires to be able to use the iPhone app?

No. Once you launch the app with internet connection it loads all the info into the iPhone. Then you do not need cellular data service on the street to see the information. The application will refresh its data next time you open it with an internet connection (wi-fi hot-spot in a café, a restaurant, or in the hotel). However, internet access is required to take advantage of GPS and maps functionality.

What information and functionality is available on the iPhone app without internet connection?

All the information and functionality mentioned above is available except:

  • • Maps are not available
  • • Pictures are not available
  • • Send Comments is not available
  • • Updates do not take place

How often is the data on the iPhone updated?

Whenever you open the app with an internet connection (wi-fi or cellular data service) the information in your iPhone gets updated. It only takes few seconds and it is transparent to the user.

Does the iPhone app contains more or less information than the site?

Both provide the same information as they both connect to the same database. However the iPhone app takes advantage of maps and GPS to help you get oriented. (Cellular data service or a wi-fi connection is required for this functionality)

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